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Home: Statistical Data Processing

We provide data analysis services for:

  • Undergraduate and graduate students in management, business, social science, and research methods courses.

  • Students preparing dissertations and theses for degree, masters and PhD level


Statistical services we offer for students:

  • Identify research questions

  • Formulate research hypotheses

  • Determine suitable sample size Instrumentation

  • Design the data collection process Data analysis planning

  • Analyze the collected data


Results for the analysis includes

  • SPSS report (tables, graphs, charts)

  • Written report of results in APA format

Contact us for a detailed estimate, we offer the following packages:

  • Basic Descriptive statistical analyses (e.g. frequencies, means, medians, mode)

  • Basic Inferential statistical analyses (e.g. t-tests, ANOVA, chi-square, etc)

  • Advanced inferential statistical analyses (e.g. factor analyses)

  • Formulate research hypotheses, determine sample size, data collection planning and instrumentation design


Data to be provided for statistical analysis needs to be in Microsoft Excel or SPSS format. If data entry is required, we will advise the pricing based on the volume of data entry. Further interpretation of the results and literature review must be done by the candidate. Statistical analyses service is provided by our PhD-level consultants. We will provide email support and work with you to complete your project successfully.




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