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Can I keep a copy of the personality report for myself?
Yes. Simply email a copy of the report to yourself for future viewing. The personality report will be held on the server for a few days to allow you to keep a copy of it.

Why can't I find a copy of my report or login even though I have a username/password and have completed the test?
We maintain a copy of your report only for a few days, after which it will be removed. We recommend that you save/email a copy to yourself after completing the test.

Why can't I view my personality report even though I've completed the test?
Sometimes the page will take some time to load due to the comprehensiveness of the report. We recommend using a minimum 56kbps connection.

Trouble printing?
We recommend using Internet Explorer 6 to ensure smooth printing of the personality report. If you have any difficulties, please feel free to contact us.


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