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Home: Training Workshops: People Skills for Excellent Leadership


(2 day training programme)



Managers and leaders need excellent people skills so that they can be good leaders. A good understanding of people skills would enable leaders to provide the necessary leadership to enable their teams to perform well. Participants will develop the ability to effectively apply people skills such as empathy, self-regulation and building bonds to achieve excellence in the workplace.


Participants will gain insights into why and how individuals get into conflicts and what can be done to prevent and resolve conflicts effectively. The seminar will enable participants to gain skills and knowledge to apply people skills in the workplace to enhance performance in their work as a leader.





This training programme will help participants to:

  • Insights into people skills
  • Skills in applying principles of motivating people
  • Better leadership skills to manage employees
  • Competencies in leading employees
  • Skills for resolving conflicts
  • Abilities to help employees achieve excellent performance
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Persuasive skills to negotiate with others
  • Abilities to help individuals to release their creativity

The LPI Advantage

The LEONARD Personality Inventory (LPI) helps to identify behavioral preferences of individuals. The LPI is formulated based on the Five Factors Model (FFM) of human personality. It is anchored under the Types & Traits Theory of classical personality theories.

The LEONARD Personality Inventory is named after the acronym Let's Explore our personality based on Openness, Neutral, Analytical, Relational and Decisive behavioral. The LPI profile is a tangible feedback in print form.

Benefits of Using the LPI in this Training Programme

How individuals benefit?

  • Personal improvement (optimizing their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses)

  • Removing emotional blind spots

  • Improving leadership styles

  • Enhancing their Creativity

  • Enhancing their interpersonal skills

  • Managing stress

  • Managing disagreements/conflicts constructively

How organizations benefit?

  • Understanding individual personalities in teams and developing strategies to build effective teams.

  • Short-listing candidates for employment or selection for special projects.

  • Coaching candidates in personal and performance improvement.

  • Identifying key elements for training in future Leadership and Management programmes.


1. People Skills for Enhancing Leadership

  • Importance of people skills
  • Exploring your people skills
  • People skills in the workplace
  • Maximizing our people skills abilities
  • Role of people skills in minimizing workplace conflicts
  • Managing diverse people behaviors in the workplace
  • Enhancing people skills for better workplace performance
  • Understanding individual differences

2. Communication Skills for Managing People

  • People skills and human personality
  • Understanding different personality styles
  • Gaining insights into the emotional needs of individuals
  • Maximizing our personality strengths
  • Overcoming our personal weaknesses
  • Applying people skills for effective communication in the workplace
  • Transforming blocks in communication
  • Understanding personality disorders in problematic people

3. Releasing Endorphins for Motivating People

  • Understanding the relationship between feelings and motivation

  • Motivating others through people skills
  • Motivated employees
  • Understanding the importance of endorphins
  • Removing blocks to motivation through endorphins release
  • Leading employees for excellent performance
  • Motivating a high performance team through people skills

4. People Skills to Release Employee Creativity

  • Understanding creativity in the workplace
  • People skills to encourage creative abilities
  • Leadership skills in managing creative individuals
  • Creative leadership skills
  • Removing blocks to creativity
  • Overcoming individualistic tendencies in creative individuals
  • People skills to harness team creativity

5. Leadership Skills in Managing People

  • People skills for excellent leadership
  • Transformational leadership
  • Accountable leadership for managing performance
  • Innovative leadership
  • Value-based leadership to manage people
  • Removing blindspots in our leadership
  • Imparting people skils in employees
  • People skills in influencing and leading others


Training Methodology

The training will be conducted based on the latest understanding of leadership best practices and will incorporate state of the art interactive training methodologies. Delegates will be exposed to a variety of case studies and expected to participate actively and learn through problem solving.

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People Skills for Enhancing Leadership

Communication Skills for Managing People

Releasing Endorphins for Motivating People

People Skills to Release Employee Creativity

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