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LEONARD Personality Inventory (LPI)

Title: Emotional Excellence in the Workplace - Leonard Personality Inventory (LPI) Personality Profiling

Author: Dr Leonard Yong
Year: 2008
ISBN-13: 978-983-43472-1-5
Paperback: 280 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

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Book description
From the author and originator of The LEONARD Personality Inventory (LPI) this book introduces you to the LPI and an essential  understanding of personality profiling. The LPI operates on the premise that every individual has a personality profile. If you accede to this premise, you may be prompted to ask yourself these questions: “What is the LPI? How does it work? What is there for me? Does it reveal my true self?” This book addresses the issue of how an understanding of personality profiling within the framework of the LPI will definitely enable you to discover and to enhance your EQ.

What is the LPI?
The LEONARD Personality Inventory (LPI) was designed by Professor Dr. Leonard Yong (retired Professor, Department of Counseling & Educational Psychology, University of Malaya) to profile behavioural preferences of individuals. The LPI related training has been used by many international companies.

Who has used LPI successfully?
It has won recognition as a psychometric tool which has great impact on helping delegates. LPI related training was awarded the "Top Rated" Learning Collaborators 2003/4 by Petronas Malaysia. LPI related personality profiling was also used to help Nestle Malaysia in the screening and mentoring of a a nationwide youth program. Clients who have used the LPI include Intel, Motorola, Nokia, B Braun Medical Industries, Kuwait Petroleum Company and Saudi Arabian Company (Saudi ARAMCO).

What is the purpose of the LPI?
The LPI is formulated based on the Five Factors Model (FFM) of human personality. It is anchored under the Types & Traits Theory of classical personality theories. An individual’s personality profile can be obtained from administration of the LPI.

The LPI has been administered to thousands of individuals from Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The LEONARD Personality Inventory is named after the acronym Let’s Explore our personality based on Openness, Neutral, Analytical, Relational and Decisive behavioural tendencies.

The LPI can identify a person’s emotional orientation and locate a person’s preferred behavioural orientations on any of the five behavioural dimensions as stated above.

The LPI yields 26 classical personality types such as the Creative Imaginator, Neutral Expert, Analytical Thinker, Relator and Decision-Maker. An individual’s personality can be profiled with the use of the LEONARD Personality Software.

The LPI Software is a user-friendly computer program that can be used to determine the exact personality profile of the individual. Based on the personality profile obtained, the individual is given suggestions and recommendations for:

  • Personal improvement
  • Enhancing teamwork with others
  • Improving leadership styles
  • Improving creativity
  • Enhancing learning skills

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